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Our iPhone games - a first in financial services

Over the last few years we have brought the Barclaycard brand to life through a number of interactive and innovative iPhone games. This started with Waterslide Extreme back in 2009 and has been followed with Rollercoaster Extreme and our most recent addition, Toys Unleashed.

Waterslide Extreme

Our thrilling Waterslide Extreme game was launched as a free iPhone® app, in July 2009. This was the first time a financial services brand had engaged with the public in this way. Since it became available for download from the Apple Store and iTunes®, the game has entertained millions around the world.

Waterslide Extreme was hailed as the most popular branded iPhone® app in 57 countries within a month of its release.

Rollercoaster Extreme

Our Rollercoaster TV ad, the much anticipated sequel to Waterslide, first aired in the UK in January 2010. It featured an even more daring and exhilarating commute to work - on a rollercoaster. In 60 seconds, it brought to life the freedom that both customers and retailers experience with easy-to-use contactless payments.

We launched our next iPhone app, Rollercoaster Extreme, in July 2010 like the previous game has generated millions of downloads worldwide. To add to the excitement we added an extra element. The chance for you to participate in a global competition to win £50,000.

Toys Unleashed

Our latest TV ad, Toys, first aired in November 2012, and features an overwhelmed dad trying to choose a present for his young son. He is transported to magical world where our main character Mr B helps him to navigate through and make the right decision. It ends with the dada using his mobile to pay for his gift. We know that choosing the right gift isn’t is easy but paying with Barclaycard is.

The latest of our iPhone games, Toys Unleashed, let’s you play with Mr B, Chomp and Mike the robot, who will spring to life in the palm of your hand.

The only decision you have to make is which toy to play with first - just search for Toys Unleashed in the App Store and start playing.