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From Acton to Brick Lane, and grabbing a bite to eat along the way, all you need is Barclaycard contactless when you visit London.

Now you can tap to pay for London buses and everything else £20 and under, wherever you see the contactless symbol. You’ll find it at more and more of your favourite places all over London. So simply tap and go to make your London life that little bit easier.

Simply tap and go

Quick – Just tap your Barclaycard or PayTag on the Oyster reader and wait for the beep or green light.

Easy – No fumbling with cash. No top ups. No worries.

And, as long as you’ve got credit available, it costs the same as a single adult Oyster fare with no concessions (daily Oyster price caps are not currently applied).

Watch our YouTube video below for everything you need to know about paying for the bus, and anything £20 and under, with contactless