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Innovations that lead the world of simple payments

Barclaycard has a heritage of innovation, starting from the launch of the first credit card in the UK in 1966. Since 2011, Barclaycard has launched several new products to meet evolving customer needs, including Freedom and Cashback consumer cards in the UK, Google Adwords for UK SMEs, Barclaycard Plus for online consumer spending in Germany and the world’s first social media credit card, Barclaycard Ring in the US.

We continue to deliver market-leading, innovative products to our retail customers that help them achieve their ambitions – in the right way.

By harnessing the power of technology, we're discovering new and exciting ways to simplify payments. Our vision is that the future of payments for consumers and retailers lies in three main areas: at point of sale, online and on mobile phones.

“In many ways we could see plastic cards as the shortest lived payment mechanism in mankind's history.”
Valerie Soranno Keating, CEO of Barclaycard


Breaking ground every step of the way

Did you know we were first to:

  • Issue credit cards in the UK in 1966
  • Use ATM machines in 1967
  • Allow women to apply for credit in their own name back in the 60s
  • Introduce the card loyalty scheme in 1986 and still leading the way in rewards
  • Use online payments in 1998

* In January 2010, 20,000 retailers were accepting contactless payments.