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Barclaycard Commercial products and services

We have over 40 years' experience in helping businesses make payments more efficiently, and are a leading issuer of Visa commercial cards in Europe. Whatever the size of your business, we have a range of solutions that could help streamline the management of your expenses.

With our payment solutions accepted at over 28 million places* worldwide, you can be confident of global support, wherever you choose to do business.

Credit and charge cards

Our commercial cards are a convenient way to pay for your business expenses. Besides being secure, they offer flexibility and could help with monitoring and controlling your expenses.

As a Barclaycard Commercial cardholder, you also get several discounts on supplies, which we've negotiated on your behalf, and insurance benefits at no extra cost.

Travel and entertainment bookings and expenses

If your employees often travel away on business, our software solutions simplify the process of making bookings and paying for them.

Whether your business makes disparate hotel bookings or uses air travel frequently, our solutions can be integrated into the booking systems of your travel management company or brought in-house for your convenience.

While they're away, staff can use our corporate charge cards to pay for food, entertaining clients and other expenses. These have controls that you can set for your peace of mind, such as bespoke credit limits for each member of staff.

Purchasing solutions

Our purchasing cards and accounts are ideal if your business makes high volume, frequent or ad-hoc purchases. By cutting down on administration and streamlining your accounting processes, they save your business valuable time and money. Purchasing cards, virtual accounts and e-procurement solutions are easy to monitor, while they empower staff by giving them a simple, convenient and flexible way to pay.

Public sector cards

As the leading issuer of GPC Visa cards in the UK, our public sector solutions are widely used by health, emergency services, local and central governments, education and charity organisations.

We help them streamline their procurement processes, while increasing their transparency and accountability.

Solutions for multinational companies

If you're doing business in more than one country, we're able to support you on a global scale. With our help, you'll find it easier to implement commercial cards across your network, so employees can make payments in their local currencies.

Billing is done in the local currency and customer service is provided in local languages. To further simplify the management of your account, you have one point of contact and one global contract with us.

* According to information reported to Visa by its customers.

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