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Ronnie West

HR Director





Why did you join Barclaycard?

I joined Barclaycard in 2009 as Head of HR for the newly formed GBS. My remit then grew to include BCE and at the same time I also had the opportunity to partner Central Functions. Working with these various areas has provided me with a wide breadth of understanding of the Barclaycard business.

In April 2010 I was appointed HR Director for Barclaycard.

Where have you worked in the past?

Before joining Barclaycard I spent 11 years at Unilever where most recently I was Global HR Director for two of Unilever's Global Food products, Slimfast and Ice Cream. Throughout my career I've been fortunate enough to live and work in many countries including India, China, Singapore and The Netherlands.

During my HR career I've worked on International Joint Ventures, built and transformed global leadership teams in addition to operational roles in the UK in manufacturing, sales, Research and Development and commercial operations.

What's your focus for the coming year?

Our focus is on managing the current macroeconomic environment, and continuing our development as a world class organisation. To do this we must play our part in achieving the Barclaycard vision of simplifying payments for all our customers.

My focus is on managing and implementing the talent initiatives and leadership development programmes needed to support our colleagues in their chosen career path and enable easier movement between roles within Barclays. I also want to create the conditions that deliver the culture and values that will support us in becoming a 'Go-to' brand for payments and embedding the Diversity and Inclusion strategy in every aspect of our business.

Previous Roles

Global HR Director, Unilever