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Meet our Executive Committee






Jerome Le Luel

Credit Risk Officer






Why did you choose to work for Barclaycard?

I chose to work for Barclaycard because of its international culture, the quality of its people and its impressive track record. I was also attracted by the cool innovation agenda around payment technology.

What inspires you?

Challenges and smart people.

Tell us something that would surprise people.

In my spare time, my hobby is to help my wife with her art gallery. I often spend weekends meeting with art collectors and selling paintings. I enjoy it a lot and it's a great way for me to switch to a completely different environment from my daily job.

What was your first job, and what did you learn from it?

In my first job, I was a finance controller for a small media company in Paris. Through this experience, I saw creativity and entrepreneurship in action as we constantly launched new projects and achieved things that initially felt impossible. I learnt that nothing can resist great leadership and shared passion.

What is your proudest achievement at Barclaycard?

Since I joined Barclaycard three years ago, my proudest achievement has been to grow talent and upgrade the methods we use to make Barclaycard's risk department a world-class team with leading edge capabilities.

What one attribute would you like to be known for?


Previous Roles

Credit Risk Officer - Barclaycard UK
Vice President, Marketing & Analysis - Capital One UK
Head of credit and product strategy - Capital One France