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Meet our Executive Committee






David Chan

Chief Executive Officer, Barclaycard Consumer Europe






Where have you worked in the past?

I've worked in several roles over the past two decades in companies such as IBM, Citigroup and American Express, in marketing, finance and risk. In the last few years, I've focused on credit risk in consumer lending businesses.

What did you find most challenging?

Working as a Global Risk Officer in the Citigroup Global Consumer business involved being on business reviews outside of the United States. This meant travelling to Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, and of course the UK.

What's your focus for the coming year?

Our focus is on managing the current macroeconomic environment, and continuing our development as a world class organisation. To do this we must play our part in achieving the Barclaycard vision of simplifying payments for all our customers.

Previous Roles

American Express